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Amanda regnier

 Hi I’m Amanda - avid runner, triathlete and coach. Having my fair share of last/ near last finishes in grade school drove me to pursue a career in exercise science, where I learned how to train myself into a better athlete.

During my studies I was extremely fortunate to have an awesome coach and supportive team with the U of S Huskie Cross Country and Track teams, while completing my BSc. Kin. This laid the foundations for me to later qualify and compete in both national and international triathlon completions in the United States and Europe.

Following this, I furthered my sport science studies and completed my Masters of High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning in Murcia, Spain, where I trained with the local triathlon and swim teams.

Being a runner is more than just a hobby, its a lifestyle
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Looking back at my athletic history, I am so grateful for the support and accountability of my team and coach through university. This significantly elevated my performance far beyond what I could have achieved on my own. Knowing how impactful this was on my life, I have created a premier destination to give other runners and endurance athletics access to the highest quality of education and services possible. This includes 1-1 and small group run programs, metabolic testing and industry-leading strength and conditioning programs for runners.


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Online run coaching

Elite style coaching for both amateur and elite athletes. Programs account for current lifestyle + time commitment, history of running, goals/ races, past/current injuries and injury mitigation. Ideal for those who feel like they have hit a plateau in their run training and/or are looking to excel in their next race. In person track session also available.

online strength training

Designed with the busy runner in mind, online strength training offers the benefits of having a coach without the high cost/ time commitment of 1-1 sessions in the gym, All programs include video demo’s of the exercises, on-going coach support/ coach feedback as well as the option to send in your personal videos for form corrections and analysis. In person 1-1 sessions also available.

metabolic testing

Get specific with your training by undertaking either a VO2 Max and/ or resting metabolic rate test. VO2 Max testing gives a detailed analysis of your personal training zones, as well as insight as to how to apply these training zones for performance. Resting metabolic rate testing identifies your fasted fat and carb burning ratios, and and tips on how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.


In person sessions are located at:

Makin Hoops INC.

3805 34 St NE #5

Calgary, AB


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